Friday, September 9, 2011

Catching Up With The Frani - Nick

Wow...I knew it'd been a long time since I posted last, but I had no idea it's been a month!!! That goes to show how busy we've been on this side of the US. It's been a hectic, crazy, trying to orient ourselves few weeks, but I'll give it to God, we're still all being taken care of better than we deserve! Here's a better run down for each of us.

We've decided that after this extension, Nick will sign for a full-time position at Auburn Regional Medical Center. We're deciding between an 11a-11p shift with the opportunity for consistent attendance at our Community Group (small group) and charge nurse opportunities or a 2p-2a shift with every Sunday off and a little more cash flow thanks to the differentials. We know that it's never all about the money, but since I'm half way through my contract with no desire to re-sign (yes!) we have to be more conscientious of our choices regarding finances. Even if it means sacrificing in one area to pick up the slack in another. We'll keep you posted on the job front when we make a decision. I'm rooting for the 11a-11p, but we trust that God will lead us to the right decision for His glory.

Nick has also shared a desire to go back to school. This isn't anything new; Nick is a great nurse, with so much potential to lead better than staff or charge nursing allows. He's also one of the smartest people I've ever encountered, storing all the knowledge he's ever gained and recalling it all in the time of need. It's been a fun road to navigate as he has had to decide between a APRN (Advance Practice Registered Nurse - Masters in Nursing), CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) or PA (Physician's Assistant). In the end, he decided that the role of PA is where he would be able to serve and use his talents best. With that decision underway, he's now on the long road of applying. He's working on the application process and will have everything in to University of Washington by October 1st. Yep, we're staying up here!

So that's the next big thing going on for Nick. We moved up here to gain leadership experience before moving on to the midwest church plant. Since arriving and seeing God work in our lives up here, it's been made clear that we need to stay up here and continue our leadership training with Mars Hill for the long haul (next few years or so). We've talked it over with our friends Tim and Rachael, who are leading the midwest church plant, and they understand and support our decision. Right now Nick will be preparing to apprentice as a Community Group (CG) leader and eventually he will lead a CG. We did something similar to this in St. Louis, but the training for the leadership roles here at Mars Hill is a much more formal process. With that, we're in the process of becoming members of Mars Hill and Nick will continue heading in the direction of Eldership. Whether he will become an elder at Mars Hill or elsewhere, we're confident this is his calling and he's working with men of God to grow in his abilities to one day act a a leader in a church.
That’s about all for Nick. He's staying busy and taking care of us!